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Friday, September 3, 2010

Middle pond cleaning Thursday September 2nd Myths untrue

We cleaned the middle pond yesterday. Drained it down, washed the liner and vacuumed it dry. Removed 5 small koi ( used to keep the snails off of my lilies) and put them in a holding tank with an air stone and pump.

The "shark" in the middle pond was 12 inches, up from 7 inches in March of this year.
The one photo, he/she let me hold him in my hand and roll on its side to get a side view and was extremely docile while held. Try that with a koi!

There are a lot of myths on the Internet about them:
* grows 1 to 2 inches a year
* does not like high pH, my pH is 8.4

I plan to dispel the "myth" that they do not breed in captivity. Because I have a total of 5 in my 15,000 gallon pond, I am sure I have both sexes. I will try to sex them in the spring when we drain the ponds down again for spring cleaning. I will set up a tank in the greenhouse and try to breed them.

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