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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sock net question

I am still trying to figure out the blog. I tried to post a reply but have no ideas what happened
The answer to your question is could the sock net be made?

I don't think so because it is very fine netting, almost like silk. There is a short handle that is heavy duty. Without the handle the net would be useless in handling large koi.

I do have them available from my one supplier. They are $69.98 plus shipping.

I recently purchased one and sent it to a customer and he "loved it"

If there is enough interest, I would stock them and have them available on my shopping cart.

He also purchased a professional 28" net for netting large koi. The handle, sold separately telescopes from 4 to 8'.

We use both of the items here when handling large koi for shipping and moving them around from tank to ponds, and ponds to tanks (spawning time)


  1. Bonnie, I have a question??? Is there a way to make my own skimmer? I have a filter system for my pond,but it is fall now and I'm out about 4 times a day with a net getting all the leaves out of my pond. I bought a net and covered my pond but the mesh was to big and the leaves still got through it,so I was thinking maybe a skimmer would be better,and the leaves keep clogging my filter and my husband has to unclog it to keep the water flow going back in the pond for the fish